The Steph Curry show has become too normal for me

Daniel Lubofsky
4 min readOct 22, 2021

Last season offered a renewed sense of awe and amazement at the spectacle of Stephen Curry.

He was coming off a season in which he appeared in just 5 games. Klay Thompson was to remained sidelined for another year. At 32 years of age, people wondered not just how far Curry could carry the Warriors. Many also believed his previous dominance was attributed to the multiple All-Stars he always had around him and questioned whether that dominance would remain in their absence.

I didn’t need a redemption arc that included a scoring title and numbers on par with his unanimous MVP campaign, but I appreciated a new reason to gush over everything this man can do on a basketball court.

Future Hall of Famer. Best shooter of all time. Changed the game. Blah blah blah. We’ve all heard the same description about a million different times at this point. It gets old after a while no matter how remarkable those accomplishments are. When something, anything, lasts as long as Curry’s greatness has, it tends to be taken for granted.

That’s what made last season so special. We’d only seen Curry in spurts for over a year and weren’t sure of the version we’d get upon his return. It was a different angle with different expectations.

Now, though? In the wake of last season’s top-3 MVP finish that firmly re-established himself as one of the league’s top players? After Curry scored 45 points to lift his Golden State Warriors to a home-opening two-point victory over the LA Clippers? I struggle to find anything meaningful to add to the discourse that hasn’t already been said.

Like, seriously. What more can be said? What more needs to be said? Nothing really. The legacy Curry’s built has been set in stone for a few years now, punctuated by last year’s one-man show.

Everything else just feels like a pile-on of statistical anomalies, with his most recent masterpiece the latest addition to an overflowing collection.

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