The HIMYM finale still makes me mad to this day when I think about it

Daniel Lubofsky
4 min readNov 12, 2021

The first look at the How I Met Your Mother sequel (or is it a reboot? Are they set in the same universe? I don’t know), cleverly titled How I Met Your Father, has triggered me, regurgitating all the emotions I have regarding the original’s ending which, if you’ve watched or heard anything about it, is widely considered to be one of the worst series finales of all time.

Because all those feeling have returned to the forefront of my brain and because I’ve created this platform for myself (and because I couldn’t think of anything else to write about today) I figured I might as well give myself the runway to rant on something that I honestly still can’t get over whenever I think about it.

I’ll start by saying this: How I Met Your Mother is a good show. I’m not here to compare it to Friends or any other sitcoms of the last 20 or so years. I just don’t want a bad ending to cancel out an entire 9-season run. That’s not fair nor does it make much sense. HIMYM is funny. Its characters are likable (for the most part). And there are a lot of running gags that make for a good watch.

I don’t envy anyone who has to craft a finale for any show, much less one that lasted nearly a decade. You want it to be memorable, but memorable is often associated with big or shocking or unexpected. That could work for some shows. Just not one whose entire existence is tied so strongly to a single idea.

The show isn’t about Ted finding love in a general sense. It’s all about detailing the journey leading up to how he met this one specific person. She’s supposed to be the grand prize. The end of the road. IT’S CALLED HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Once you get to the overarching plot of the show, there’s no story left to tell. At least, there shouldn’t be.

There’s nothing wrong with a show ending where it’s supposed to. Especially when the bread crumbs spread throughout its existence were as big as the ones this show laid out.

They spent 9 seasons jamming into our heads that this mysterious unknown woman was the perfect person for Ted. At the same time, woven into the show's story was a near-constant reminder that Ted and Robin just aren’t meant to be together. How are you going to do all that, but then do a big fat…



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