I still can’t get over the Season 2 finale of Dave

Daniel Lubofsky
4 min readAug 19, 2021


It’s been a week, and I still can’t get the final minutes of Dave’s Season 2 finale out of my head.

I have played “We Good” many times. I have rewatched that scene many times, and every time it gives me a rarely-felt combination of chills and just a bit of tears.

That ending was probably one of the steepest misdirections I’ve ever seen in my 23+ years of watching TV and movies, and it was set up so well across the entire second season.

This show has always portrayed Dave as someone who doesn’t lack confidence. He firmly believes he will be the next great rapper because he is destined to be the next great rapper. Though a mostly endearing quality throughout S1 where he needed that unbridled self believe to break through this brutally competitive industry, the success of earning an album deal turned that trait toxic in S2.

He wanted to leverage the popularity of K-Pop for his own brand. He forgot Mike’s birthday and got mad at his friend for pursuing other opportunities. He was upset with Ally refusing to let him use the song he wrote about their breakup. He didn’t want to give Elz credit on his album. He ignored his parents only to act as if their entire world should revolve around him once he moved back in with them.

The balloon that is his ego got too big. It genuinely made me question whether or not I’m supposed to like Dave as a character.

He wasn’t the hardworking grinder we saw in S1 who takes a job singing at a kid’s memorial service. Dave went a tiny bit big time and became pretentious and selfish and thought the world and everyone within it owed him whatever he felt he needed to achieve his ultimate dreams.

That arc is in stark contrast to GaTa, who is in a similar position to where Dave was in Season 1. He doesn’t have the album deal or the mansion, but he keeps grinding away in his makeshift closet studio and seizing opportunities that come his way, like when he got up on the hood of his car and began performing at a Bar Mitzvah. Because that’s what grinders do.

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