Hawkeye Ep. 3: Why work alone when you can work together?

Daniel Lubofsky
6 min readDec 1, 2021

The first two episodes of the Hawkeye Disney+ series laid a lot of groundwork. Introducing us to characters old and new and setting up the problems our heroes would eventually deal with.

Episode 3, on the other hand, was way more action-packed, and I’m not upset about it in the slightest because it was done right.

With that…


Biggest Takeaway: Clint and Kate are becoming a dynamic duo (And I love it)

After meeting at the end of Episode 1, there’s a clear line between Clint and Kate, drawn by the former in an attempt to quickly clean his hands of this situation ASAP and get home in time for Christmas.

What we get in the following episode, though, is a growth in their relationship. Clint realizes he’s not going to get rid of Kate that easily. He can’t. Not with how the situation has developed, with the Tracksuit Mafia believing Kate is Ronan and the intel she has that she believes ties Jack to all of this as well.

The result is a growing level of trust between mentor and mentee. Clint doesn’t try to handle the entire situation himself. He lets Kate try her hand with some trick arrows. He involves her in his plan to help them escape off the bridge. Like Kate said when they were tied up riding unicorns, Clint is here to learn about trust.

It’s not everything, but it’s a solid first step in bringing them to where we know they’re headed, and it’s how you make the eventual final stage of their relationship feel as earned as possible.


You cannot convince me that Clint hasn’t been holding back all these years to make sure the egos of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor remained undamaged. It wouldn’t be a good look otherwise if a man whose go-to weapon is two sticks and string (his words, not mine) kicked as much but as a genius billionaire in an Iron Man suit, a super-soldier, and a literal god.



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